Life science organizations are no different from living organisms. Their existence follows certain laws and patterns, and along the way – like any organism – they act with energy and a desire to grow.  But at the same time, they are also vulnerable to disease, the aging process, and simple inertia, which affects their ability to adapt to a changing environment and ultimately their ability to survive.

To bring about organizational change, you have to use the right levers. The process begins with the MAIN5 team carefully analyzing existing structures and processes and then gently but precisely putting their finger on the sore spots. They are the triggers for change. And they are where we need to apply our proven methodology.

However, the most important prerequisite for organizational change is the ability to listen and to gain the confidence of people in different positions. It might sound simple, but it’s not.

MAIN5 Consulting

We practice the fine art of standing back to allow room for sparring partners and interest groups to make their own contribution to the solution. This kind of carefully facilitated yet respectful collaboration brings together coworkers at critical junctures. Instead of an externally imposed pressure to change, this approach makes people open to the idea of driving improvements themselves, bringing new effectiveness to organizations.

For our clients in the life sciences sector, we offer support in the disciplines of strategy development, management and process consulting, and change management, as well as project management and interim management. To ensure your initiatives enjoy long-term success, we also offer customized training and seminars.

Strategic Development

Customizing your Path to the Future

One thing is certain: No one knows your business, your environment, and your market as well as you and your team. Such precious knowledge, however, often remains unexploited, as there’s often no time left for strategic development or recalibration. Managers may also be too closely involved in day-to-day operations. In view of these factors – and especially because of the direction in which markets and their environment are moving – there is a business-critical need to continuously modify corporate strategy.

We can work with you to define a process of strategic development that helps you and your management team to develop a clear vision, strategy, and plan for implementation. We’ll support you through this process and, if required, will assist you in turning your plans and the associated changes into reality.

We will provide you with a customized strategy that focuses on the strengths of your organization and deploys the skills of your employees in the optimal way.



Organizations don’t have it easy. Today’s world demands that they constantly reinvent themselves. Available resources have to be used flexibly and cooperatively deployed on a networked and partnership-driven basis. Against this background, real experts are scarce and are urgently sought after by businesses everywhere. What’s more, the talents that the market is trying so hard to attract are often self-confident “nomads,” focused on their individual needs. How can they commit to an organization and develop their skills?

We can help you to prepare your organization for the future. We’ll work with you to define the skills and structure that will best enable your business to meet the needs of the market using the resources available.

Your organization will thus be optimally set up to face current and future challenges, ensuring that your precious resources are deployed in a profitable way.


Optimal Regulation of your Processes

Processes form the backbone of an organization. They provide stability but at the same time need to be flexible enough to cope with ongoing changes. Within the life sciences sector, processes are also subject to strict regulation and therefore need to comply with specific quality criteria.

Using our tried and tested methodologies, we can support you from the planning through the implementation stage with projects to optimize your processes. We’ll also work with you on introducing the resulting changes needed.

Your business processes will be optimized in ways that truly help your organization to add value – measurably and sustainably.

MAIN5 Consulting


Creating Digital Values

Even diehard fans of the analog economy have to admit one thing: that creating value digitally brings greater transparency and is an efficient way of creating value. In the life sciences sector, too, data and intelligent networked systems are essential elements in a holistic process of digital value creation. Wherever man and machine combine forces to create an integrated and regulated process, our neutrality and experience can be of benefit.

We’ll support you from the analysis stage through selection of the right system for your processes and organization. We’ll also assume responsibility as we work with you on the structured rollout of your chosen system and on the business processes requiring support.

You’ll benefit the best system for your processes in a way that truly contributes to value creation within the organization – while gaining acceptance from users and complying with regulations.

Change Management


If you don’t change things, things won’t change. Whenever we make this simple statement, we see lots of heads nodding in agreement. The reality, however, is somewhat sobering, as so many initiatives – even strategically important ones involving significant investment – fail to fulfill managers’ expectations or simply fail altogether.

In contrast, the change management processes led by us are always focused on your organization’s specific needs, incorporating our methodological expertise and our experience from a wide range of projects. We address both the “hard” and the “soft” aspects of the change process. To ensure that your efforts and investments pay off in the long term, we help you to keep your employees and organization on board as we actively shape the process of change.

The benefit for you lies in the substantive and sustainable changes you’ll see within your organization – along with an increase in operational efficiency.

Project Management


The world of work is changing. As well as offering new opportunities, this change can also be accompanied by a disconcerting responsibility vacuum. Routine tasks involving established working patterns are in today’s companies largely being replaced by project-based work. In addition, complex organizational structures, such as the matrix or networked organization, make the job of project teams even more complex.

MAIN5, however, will assume responsibility for your projects. Our partners and project managers can call on their many years of project management experience in an international environment. We prefer to be given overall control of and responsibility for the project, while reporting directly to your own line managers.

For you, this results in successfully implemented projects that deliver the planned results and leverage your investments and resources in a profitable way.

Quality Management


Given the high expectations to which they are exposed from all sides, companies are sometimes subject to massive pressures. Requirements in terms of the quality of products and services are rising constantly – whether as a result of legal and regulatory conditions or due to customers’ increasing demands.

It is therefore crucial that the quality management and quality assurance systems introduced in response be continuously adapted to your organization, with their content updated over time. With our know-how and experience of risk-based approaches, we’ll assist you in identifying the appropriate level of response and the framework that’s right for you. Our partners and quality managers have demonstrated their knowledge over many years in challenging client settings and on international projects.

In concrete terms, you’ll benefit from establishing an applied framework for quality management that is set up to last and that can be put into practice in harmony with your particular company culture.