The Expert Team for Organizational Change in the Life Sciences

What is it that makes us the ideal consultants to work with pharma companies long-term? The fact that we know your business. MAIN5 brings perspectives from two worlds. We combine our experience of management in multinational corporations with the expertise of our implementation-focused life science consultants.

The fact that we know our clients’ business makes it the process of initiating the organizational changes envisioned that much easier. Such changes are aimed at bringing both managers and coworkers out of their comfort zone, redesigning company structures, and making the organization fit for the future.

To an unusual degree, the MAIN5 team remains constantly flexible as we facilitate the changes required. In other words, we adapt our work to fit your needs. This means that, instead of being confronted with a fixed and rigid consultants’ club, our clients are served by an agile, highly responsive network. Depending on the project, we draw on this network to create the team with the perfect fit for the job – in terms of experience, profile, and dynamism.

Main5 Company
Main5 Company

The term we use here is “liquid structures.” It’s a formula for success that’s quite different from an approach based on traditional hierarchies and personal vanities. As such, it’s guided solely by the needs of our customers. It works on the basis of the partners’ appreciation of each others’ strengths and the genuine trust we have in one another. It’s the key for a modern and networked mode of operation. It’s what allows us to share the relevant knowledge, experience, and creativity of both our own team members and the entire cohort of experts, to continuously learn and to always find a solution.



Life science organizations are no different from living organisms. Their existence follows certain laws and patterns, and along the way – like any organism – they act with energy and a desire to grow.  At the same time, however, they are also vulnerable to disease, the aging process, and simple inertia, which affects their ability to adapt to a changing environment and ultimately their ability to survive.

To bring about organizational change, you have to use the right levers. The process begins as the MAIN5 team carefully analyzes existing structures and processes and then precisely moves its focus to the sore spots. They are the triggers for change. And they are the aspects to which we need to apply our proven methodology.

However, the most important prerequisite for organizational change is the ability to listen, and to gain the confidence of people in different positions. It might sound simple, but it’s not.

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