An Inspiring Environment for your Career

Are you attracted by the idea of solving difficult challenges for leading clients in the life sciences industry? Would you enjoy growing in line with the tasks assigned to you? And do you have the confidence to take responsibility for the results of your work? Do you enjoy working independently as you throw yourself into complex issues, while still appreciating the energizing power of intensive teamwork?

If so, then why not become part of a spirited, ambitious, learning network? Take the next proactive step in your professional career – and welcome on board at MAIN5!




Professional Standards

The corporate culture at MAIN5 is strongly influenced by the professional values and principles that govern our daily work and interactions. One of our key focus areas is on improving the success and efficiency of our leading life science clients in a substantial and durable way. To that end, we are eager to attract, develop, and provide exciting long-term career options for exceptional talents at MAIN5. Continuous development opportunities are therefore an integral component of our customer-oriented and innovative corporate culture.

MAIN5 Management Consulting Careers

Creating an Exceptional Place to Work

At MAIN5, the emphasis is on a decentralized way of working, unconstrained by hierarchical structures. From the very first day on the job, MAIN5 gives its specialist consultants the chance to grow in their careers – on a long-term basis. We are eager to attract talented people who see the life sciences sector as their natural home, whether they show potential on the technical or leadership side. As we integrate and develop our decentralized, distributed network of colleagues, partners, and clients, you will be given the support you need by our Managing Partners and Principal Consultants. Your approach is characterized by high levels of integrity and the ability to give constructive criticism, complemented by an analytical mind, secure methodology, and a talent for achieving success with people of all kinds.